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"Nothing" is a project that explores the complexities and nuances of the concepts that are typically associated with the term "nothing". When exploring the concept of having “nothing” many different ideas came into mind; negative spaces, contemplative spaces, minimalism, consumerism, lingerie, sustainability, and technology. I wanted to also take the cliches of “turning nothing into something” and “making a negative a positive” and apply it to my designs in both a literal and conceptual way. I started experimenting with ways of capturing negative spaces and incorporating them into my final designs. This led me to experiment with plaster molds, 3D scanning, negative pattern cutting, vacuum forming, and laser cutting. Throughout the design process, I also questioned what the world would look like if we valued having nothing as much as we valued having everything. What would the world look like without big business or fast fashion? Is minimalism an indirect protest of capitalism? How would this affect clothing and how it is made in the future?

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